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Proviron (mesterolone) is an orally active DHT derivative similar to Masteron in it’s effects. It not C17-alpha-alkylated, rather it uses a methyl structure to prevent it from being destroyed going through the liver. This makes it less toxic. As a stand alone steroid it has limited value. Where it works well is in conjunction with other androgenic steroids that aromatise. First off it has the benefit of binding to the aromatase enzyme and preventing the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Secondly, bonds well with SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) which will free up more testosterone in your system allowing more test to circulate freely. So this drug will help to enhance the effectiveness of testosterone and other androgens as well as prevent estrogenic side effects. This should allow you to take less of the drug with less side effects. Nice! Another area where this drug seems to be effective is with PCT (post cycle therapy). It has been shown to increase LH (leutenizing hormone) in some studies so it may work well as a bridge between cycles to get your natural test levels back and help keep your gains. This compound also binds well with the AR (androgen receptors), and so is a potent fat burner.

The downside is the same as with all DHT derived steroids. It can accelerate male pattern baldness, cause prostate enlargement, high blood pressure, etc.

This drug is not recommended for women as it is highly androgenic and is likely to cause virilization at any effective dose.

Active half-life: 12 hours

Recommended dosage:


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Performance Anabolics: 10mg x 100 tablets per bottle